miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Let's stay forever young! ♥

So we livin' life like a video,
Where the sun is always out, And you never get old, And the champagne's always cold,And the music's always good,And the pretty girls just happen to stop by on the hood, And they hop their pretty ass up on the hood of that pretty ass car, WIthout in a wrinkle in today, Because there is no tomorrow, Just a picture perfect day that lasts a whole lifetime, And it never ends because all we have to do is hit rewind, So let's stay in the moment, Smoke some week, drink some wine, Reminisce, talk some shit, forever young is in your mind, Leave 'em to kin car??? Neither space nor time, So when the director yells cut I'll be fine, I'm forever young!

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